Horn and Sling Set

Horn and Sling Set

A natural steer horn and sling set fit for any viking garb. This listing is for the EXACT set pictured (last picture is just an example of how it wears). This listing is ready to ship and one of a kind.
The horn:
- Real steer horn
- Scrubbed and disinfected.
- Treated inside and out with beeswax (to waterproof and seal)
- Hand polished
- Smooth mouth.
- This exact horn fills 14.5oz to the brim and measures about 14in long. 

The sling:
- Hand- cut, stamped, textured, carved, beveled, edged, and stained by hand.
- 53in stamped strap (one size fits all)
- Antique brass rounded stud accents

Horn Washing Instructions:
1. Fill horn halfway with COLD water.
2. Drop in 2 drops of dish washing soap.
3. Cup mouth with your hand and shake vigorously.
4. Rinse well.

Horn Care Instruction: 
- Try not to drop it. It won't break but you don't want it to start chipping. If it does start chipping, DO NOT attempt to peel it off. Instead, clip it with pliers and file it down. 
- DO NOT FILL WITH HOT LIQUIDS. The natural beeswax sealant will melt and you'll wear out your sealant quickly.


Due to the finicky nature of real leather and the entire handmade process, there may be some variation in color and design. They may even be unique scars, and each hide has its own blemishes. One single hide of leather may have patches where it takes dye and stamping differently, so every item is unique. If there are any specific details you must have in the final product, please let us know and we will take all necessary precautions to keep that detail in your piece. With that said, we do keep an accurate representation of every item and keep each item true to what you are expecting.

We love our products, and want them to be heirloom-worthy. If your item needs touching up, don’t be shy! We’re happy to repair anything it needs for life for free – but we do ask that you cover the shipping.

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